Support within families

I was watching one of the few reality programs that I do watch, “So You Think You Can Dance”, and saw something so special. A young black man from a really bad neighbourhood, one that was rife with drugs, prostitution, alcoholism and gangsterism, was determined that this was not going to be the life for him. His family were also good people, struggling to do the right thing in a bad situation. Altho manugh it was not his father’s choice for him, when he decided to focus on dance as a career, his whole family supported him. Last night, when he auditioned for the competition, he danced with an almost visible desperation, to give himself a chance for a better life, and he went through to the next round. This young man had almost a full row of his family in the theatre, cheering him on. It reminded me how important it is that we support the members of our families in their choices. It might not be our choices, but we all have free agency, and it is not to be taken away from us.Sometimes guidance is indicated, but ultimately it is that person’s choice, and we need to be the backup, cheering them on when things go right for them, and picking up the pieces and putting them back on their feet when things go wrong. Isn’t it exactly what Heavenly Father does when we stumble – pick us up? And when things go right , he is our cheering section too. Focussing on families this month has made me think more deeply about what it is that makes families special. We are so blessed in the Church to have guidance from our leaders, our prophet, our Saviour through the Holy Spirit. Out in the world there are so many disfunctional families because they don’t have the blessings we do. Let us use this opportunity to pass on the Proclamation to others, so that they also may be blessed.

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2 Responses to “Support within families”

  1. Jocelyn Says:

    This is a great post! I agree…and I love So You Think You Can Dance! Woohoo!

    • emrajr69 Says:

      Thanks for the comment, Jocelyn.I have a great family, myself, and just love them to bits. I have always been very close to my children and used to share my thoughts and feelings with them. I still do, even though they’re all grown up. I remember my husband saying once that I had too much influence on them, but if you are all on the same wavelength, you are all thinking the same way anyway. It is just that I and my kids all like the same things, especially science-fiction and fantasy. I think he was just feeling a bit left out that day. :0) Regards, Eunice.

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