Joy in Marriage – Nurturing Love

Yesterday, at our chapel we had the first of four firesides focussing on “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”. It was titled “Joy in Marriage _ Nurturing Love”. Brother and Sister Cox, our stake missionary couple, led our discussion, and what made it really special was that we were all invited to share comments and experiences as the afternoon progressed. We also had a worksheet to fill in. I find that when you actually become involved in the discussion and interact with the others in the group that the information given makes more of an impact. We were asked to look back on our lives together, and choose some of the things that brought us joy in our relationships with our spouses and family. Some of the responses were: keeping our relationship as simple as possible (not allowing unimportant things to come between us), making sure to spend time together (date time, apart from the children), have lots of family activities, learning to communicate clearly and without prejudice,leaving pride out our relationships, never going to bed with unresolved issues, frequently expressing love to the members of our families (including lots of hugs), realising when our children are young and need lots of attention, that husbands are not being sidelined (they are also needed to participate in raising the children),we need to express our gratitude to the members of our family for the things they do for us and their siblings (frequently). We need to do the best we can to bring up our families within the Gospel, to teach them the standards by which we live as Christians, and lead them by example. Following our workshop we all met in our hall and shared refreshments (the usual LDS thing). If the other workshops are going to be as informative and enjoyable as this one was, I am not going to miss even one. For those of you who read this, and want to know more, please contact me on

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2 Responses to “Joy in Marriage – Nurturing Love”

  1. Aruna Says:

    Well done on your blog thus far. I loved yesterday’s fireside as well. It is so sweet to see how excited you are about blogging:)

  2. Jocelyn Says:

    This sounds great!

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