A Tribute to True friendships

Do any of you ever wonder why we are really close friends with some people and not others? What is it that draws you to certain people and not others? I sat the other day and tried to figure it out. I have never had more than three or four special friends at any time. I have lots of acquaintances, but that is not the same, is it? I think that it is because, in some unique way, we complement each other. I have one friend who is a real workhorse -if something needs to be done, she is always first in line, and she is not one of those who needs to be told to do something. She sees a need and fills it. Another of my friends is a bit like her too, hardworking, compassionate and very obliging always willing to go the extra mile. A third friend of mine is still a working girl, and tries so hard to be all things to all people, besides running a household and raising a family. My fourth special friend really inspires me spiritually. She has not had an easy life, and also suffers from a neurological disorder. But she has this deep well of stillness and spirituality inside her that seems to shine even when she is at her lowest, physically. It sounds odd, but I envy her that quality so much. I never feel completely calm or tranquil inside. I always seem to have this maelstrom of emotions and thoughts and feelings whirling around inside of me. They’re not anger, or bad feelings. It’s just that I never seem to switch off. That is why I say that our special friends complement us. Each of us seem to have some quality or characteristic that contributes to making our little unit a complete entity. And as that strong little unit, we are capable of so much more than each of us , as an individual is capable. What do you think?

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One Response to “A Tribute to True friendships”

  1. Jocelyn Says:

    I think you are right and I think for this reason friends are a gift.

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